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Our love for Greek cuisine and excellent quality food urged us to create a warm and friendly environment,
the tavern ‘Haris’, in a unique outdoor place.

Over thirty-five years, the Petkaki family have been serving their specialties to customers with the same zeal as when they first began. Fresh grilled squid , shrimp pasta, mussel risotto , steamed mussels , fresh local fish and seafood gathered and caught by the local fishermen in our nearby sea. Our aim is to offer our customers good quality Greek cuisine and excite their senses with traditional recipes , handmade appetizers , fresh salads and our own homemade sweets for dessert and all these at reasonable prices.



Platamonas is a municipal district and settlement of the community of East Olympus. It is situated in the County of Pieria, in its south border and lies at the foot of Mountain Olympus.At its north part it borders with Neos Panteleimona and with Neoi Poroi at its south. It is 38 km away from Katerini and 54km from Larisa. The population is calculated as 2.197 residents.

Platamonas used to be an autonomous community up until 1999 when it merged into the municipality of East Olympus. According to tradition, its name is attributed either to the abundance of plane trees in the area or the ( wide) sand beaches.

Old Panteleimonas

Old Panteleimonas is in in close distance to Platamonas,only 7 klm away. It is the ideal place for relaxation and satisfaction of the senses in a densely green landscape and with a magnificent view in the horizon.

It is a settlement characterized as traditional since 1978,reconstructed and situated 700 m high. From up there, one’s gaze can travel all the way to Thermaikos gulf and the coast of South Pieria.